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  DataNab provides Solutions for Data Management, Monitoring & Control
  DataNab.com provides cost-effective solutions for Process Controls, Energy Management, Building Automation, Remote Monitoring, Data Acquisition, Security & Access Control and other related applications.
DataNab's product offerings include Programmable Controllers, I/O Modules, IP Audio Devices, Environmental Sensors, and more. All of our products can be purchased individually for integration into your own systems, or they can be purchased as a total solution via our Packaged Solutions approach. Check out the capabilities, technical specifications, and pricing for all of the devices here...    Product Overview.
  Industries & Solutions
DataNab's products can be implemented in a wide range of applications across many industries:
  Automation & I/O   IP Audio
- Energy Management
- Alternative Energy
- Building Automation
- Process Controls
- Environmental Monitoring
- Remote Monitoring
- Data Acquisition
- Security & Access Control
- more...
- Audio Distribution
- Retail
- Transport
- Education
- Hospitality
- Entertainment
- Broadcast
- more...
  Services & Contracting
Need a customized solution? DataNab provides quality services to help develop and integrate the most effective hardware and software solutions for your unique application.   
Find out more about DataNab's Services.
  Solution Partners
DataNab works hard to develop long term relationships with companies that are leading the field! We believe that today's competitive environment requires suppliers with a long term view. If your company has evolving needs and would benefit from developing a working relationship with DataNab, we want to partner with you.    Want to work with us? Give us a call!
  Technical Support
Our engineers strive to maintain the highest level of technical expertise on all of our products and solutions, and we provide ongoing support via phone and email at no charge. When you buy from us you can be confident that you will always have an expert available and ready to help.    Support & Downloads

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News & Headlines
October 1st, 2012
DataNab 1-Wire Sensor Solutions Keep Costs Low, Quality High for Alternative Energy Monitoring Solution
MANTORVILLE, MINN., September 26, 2012 - DataNab, a supplier of networked automation devices and sensor solutions for commercial and residential systems, announces that its 1-Wire sensor solutions are exclusively driving temperature readings for the Web Energy Logger, an alternative energy monitoring solution for residential and commercial users.... More...
August 29th, 2012
DataNab Enables Additional Services for Fleet Tracking
MANTORVILLE, MN -- DataNab, a supplier of low-cost sensors, automation components and streaming audio devices for commercial, industrial and residential systems, now offers its range of 1-Wire temperature sensors to Fleet Tracking and Asset Management companies providing industrial grade communicating temperature sensors that can tie into existing GPS systems to provide temperature monitoring capabilities.... More...
May 18th, 2012
DataNab Universal Monitoring and Control Devices Minimize Energy Costs for Senior Residential Home in Canada
DataNab devices at the core of a REHAU Smart Control solution to control complex, integrated HVAC systems across multiple zones. Castel De Flots Bleus in Cap Pele, New Brunswick, Canada is a residential housing facility for senior citizens.... More...
May 14th, 2012
Low-Cost Temperature Sensors Are Custom Designed for New Applications
Demand for 1-wire sensors is growing in a number of expanding markets. Adam VanOort, president of DataNab, is in the business of delivering solutions.... More...
April 13th, 2012
Bringing Building Automation to Residential Projects
Every integrator knows thermostats, at their most basic level, efficiently measure air temperature to adjust a home’s climate in particular zones. But how do you handle multi-zone, large-scale estates with radiant heat flooring, temperature sensors, boilers, pumps and other devices, while at the same time monitoring energy use?.... More...
March 16th, 2012
Open Systems and the Programmable Controller
Installing proprietary systems in building automation and facilities management seem approximate to signing one's life away.... More...
March 16th, 2012
DataNab Announces Modbus I/O Modules
DataNab announces Modbus I/O modules for networkable and standalone monitoring and control applications: Ui28_PC2, featuring 28 universal inputs and two high-speed pulse counters Ui16_R5, featuring 16 universal inputs and five relay outputs... More...
March 6th, 2012
Universal Monitoring and Control Devices
DataNab announces new Modbus I/O modules for networkable and standalone monitoring and control applications.... More...
February 27th, 2012
Smart Grid Temperature Control System Implementation Using IP
Traditional HVAC equipment is initially less expensive because of the wide availability of the equipment, but over time, the end user will spend significantly more in energy costs.... More...
February 6th, 2012
DataNab LLC: Universal Monitoring and Control Devices
Modbus I/O modules for networkable and standalone monitoring and control applications deliver new and flexible I/O options to users and broaden the company's I/O product range for contractors, systems integrators, end users, and OEMs.... More...
February 1st, 2012
Merging Thermal Storage with Load Shifting for Efficient Cooling
The theory behind load shifting is to use more power when it's cheap and less power when it's expensive... More...
July 19th, 2011
DataNab Expands Range of 1-Wire Sensors
1-Wire Sensors minimize costs for temperature and humidity sensing in control and monitoring applications... More...
November 20th, 2009
DataNab provides Barix IP Audio solution for the Iowa Department of Transportation to allow remote monitoring of "Highway Advisor Radio" over the network.
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